Selection Tips

创亿2注册When it comes to change your headlights to something new as Xenon or High Intensity Discharge headlamps you will need to find the perfect kit. Many car owners have a lot of questions regarding these kits. For example, many car owners want to know what the temperature of the color bulbs are and do they run hotter than a standard halogen bulb. The first misconception is that the higher the temperature of a colored bulb is the brighter the light will show. That is simply not true. The higher the scale of the lamps is the duller the light is. The most popular rated lamps are 5200K are brighter than the 7000K bulbs. But at the same time 9000K that is 10 percent dimmer but it has more light than you need. The degrees in K equals color only and the word lumens means brightness. Sometimes when you go to buy a bulb or a conversion kit you may see a Xenon HID lights and a Xenon gas filled bulbs.

创亿2注册Some car owners believe that these are the same but they are not. The xenon HID lights are much brighter than the gas filled bulbs. HID is a style of lighting that does its job by removing the filament from the light bulb and it is replaced with the xenon gas. The gas is used to ignite the light emissions when the voltage is applied. The light amount is about 3 times more than a standard halogen bulbs. HID Xenon lights are created to last the lifetime of your car. They have a lifetime of 2500 hours. The Xenon High Intensity Discharge light system includes 2 direct plug in HID lamps, 2 ballasts with a transformer and igniter unit and it comes with all of the necessary wiring that comes complete with easy to follow installation and a wiring diagram. These kits are DIY kits and even the person with the least bit mechanical expertise can install these conversion kits. They always include step by step guides. Many people lease cars these days, but they like to add special features to the cars such as Xenon lights but many leasers are afraid to do so because they are afraid of altering the car. But do not worry because these conversion kits are meant to be removed and you can always replace the halogen bulbs back into the car when the lease is up.

There are some counties where Xenon HIDs are not legal. When you buy a car from a manufacturer and they have the Xenon lights they are DOT approved. But many older cars they would be considered illegal. Depending on where you live and the law enforcement that you have around there can determine if it is worth having them or risk getting a ticket. Most shops that sell these HID lights sell as off road lighting they do not promote using them on road driving and when you buy these lights in some places they will tell you if you are using these lights for headlamps for regular driving and you are voiding the terms of sale. But in the end you are the one who will pay the tickets.