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HID stands for high-intensity discharge, a term referring to the electric arc that produces the light. The high intensity of the arc comes from metallic salts that are vaporised within the arc chamber. These lamps are formally known as gas-discharge burners, and produce more light for a given level of power consumption than ordinary tungsten and tungsten-halogen bulbs. Because of the increased amounts of light available from HID burners relative to halogen bulbs, HID headlamps producing a given beam pattern can be made smaller than halogen headlamps producing a comparable beam pattern.

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创亿2注册Alternatively, the larger size can be retained, in which case the xenon headlamp can produce a more robust beam pattern. Automotive HID lamps are commonly called “xenon headlamps”, though they are actually metal halide lamps that contain xenon gas. The xenon gas allows the lamps to produce minimally adequate light immediately upon powerup, and accelerates the lamps' run-up time. Xenon is a heavy, colorless, and odorless noble gas and it is the most important element of chemistry. Pure Xenon gas is good for HID Kits and it includes density of 5.761 kg/m3. If argon were used instead, as is commonly done in street lights and other stationary metal halide lamp applications, it would take several minutes for the lamps to reach their full output. The light from HID headlamps exhibits a distinct bluish tint when compared with tungsten-filament headlamps. It's the perfect solution if you are looking for better performance and much brighter, exotic looking light output from your vehicles lighting system. With HID technology, not only are you improving the look, but also the overall safety.

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Xenon bulbs are particularly good choice when it comes to night driving as they will reflect the road reflectors and road signs that might otherwise be missed with normal halogen bulbs. The bulbs can reflect important road signs and reflectors that you might not have seen using halogen bulbs. They can also help to minimize eyestrain and allow for a more relaxed driving experience. An HID Xenon bulb burns up to five times brighter than a standard halogen bulb, providing more luminosity and a wider array of light on the road. In addition, the lifetime of a HID Xenon bulb outlasts that of a halogen bulb up to 1000%, and requires less electricity to function. By using only the best materials available, Xenon bulbs are more capable of resisting shocks; this will in turn make them more durable and in the long run cost effective. They are safe to use with plastic headlight lenses as they are UV protected so no discoloration will occur and are completely waterproof. When it comes to your vehicle, the choice is clear. Light up the night with a H1 HID Kit. H1 Xenon bulbs are available in different colors, they are designed to provide you with a unique look for your vehicle. The kits are tested in the harshest conditions, and have out performed the competition.

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Xenon bulbs meet the standards set by the European regulations on light output and are legal. They can be used safely and legally on UK and European roads and will pass through a MOT test. Each H1 HID Conversion Kit comes standard with 2 year warranty protection. The kits are intended lacking of plugs and they have different types such as 5202, 880, H13-2, H13-1, H11, H10, H9, H8, H7T, H7R, H7, H4-1, H3C, H3 and H1. These types are the most popular and they are the best alternative for your vehicle. These bulbs include a projector lens and a regulator to maintain the power of your car. These HID lights have good functionality and visual appeal that are good for your vehicle. These HID kits are available in all types of local markets and you can also easily buy them on the Internet.

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