With the rapid development of the global automobile industry, the demand for cars has increased. With the development of technology and the cut throat competition among the automobile manufacturers, the customers are left with various options to choose from. Modification in a car is yet another aspect that adds to the luxury style of the buyer. One of such modification is Xenon HID Kits, the accessory of the superior quality. The automotive lighting has come up with a new innovative concept of HID headlights that can match up with the style, and efficiency of the luxurious vehicles.

If you've heard anything about the new Xenon HID headlights, then you're probably considering to convert your vehicle. A brighter, safer light for night time and bad weather driving, Xenon HID helps you to stay safe on the road in even the least well lighted areas. The Xenon HID kit is a new concept of gas discharge principle in which xenon gas is used with other noble gases to provide lights that are three times better than the halogen bulbs. The high intensity discharge (HID) provides more light with low consumption of electricity. High intensity discharge kit commonly known as the HID kit comes with different specifications, depending upon the colors and range.


创亿2注册Here are the varieties of Xenon HID kits available on the market:

  • Single Beam kit uses two pairs of Xenon HID bulbs and two ballasts to create light in the bulbs.
  • High/Low kit has one pair of HID bulbs and a pair of halogen bulbs. The HID bulbs in this kit are for standard illumination (high beam) while the halogen bulbs act as dipped illumination (low beam).
  • Telescope kit has installation clamps, a pair of HID bulbs, and 2 ballasts. These bulbs can do the work of both regular and dipped headlight illumination.
  • Bi-Xenon kits contain only the two HID bulbs that act as both regular and dipped illumination for your car.

This new concept ensures 300% more light but 35% less power consumption as compared to the age old halogen bulbs. It's not just the colors that are catching on. The Xenon lights are brighter and covers more ground area sideways and long distance views when the high beam is on. This simply means you can see road signs farther ahead.