Spec-D Tuning is an industry-leading manufacturer of lighting and exterior mods, cutting edge performance engine and suspension components, as well as interior pars, that transform vehicle's cabin into comfortable lounge.

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创亿2注册 Spec-D Tuning has been in business since 2003 and has progressed throughout the years to bring a higher level of excellence and service to thir customers. The company is well staffed with employees within all of the departments that aim to have exceptional service from pre-sales to after sales. In addition, they seek to provide assistance in product knowledge and applications through the installation videos, replacement components, research and development team, and within much more aspects of the company.

Spec-D's Mission and Philosophy

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创亿2注册 Since 2003, Spec-D Tuning has grown into a multi-faceted company excelling on multiple levels of the automotive business. Knowledgeable and helpful, it is their mission to, above all else, offer exceptional service to their customers across all aspects of the company. At Spec-D Tuning, they pride themselves on the superb knowledge of automobile parts and the accessory market that is rapidly evolving each year. The ability to quickly adapt to any changes within the marketplace has become the key to a successful business in today’s economy. To keep within the industry trends, the company's staff expands its knowledge in attending renowned conventions and shows.

Spec-D Lighting Products

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Innovation is the name of their game, and the folks at Spec-D Tuning are constantly refreshing their product line to stay at the industry's cutting edge. Awarded and recognized by highly-regarded automotive magazines for their commitment to the marketplace, they have been successful in today's economy by never settling for less than the best products and the best practices with everything they do. The Spec-D's extensive knowledge, as well as their willingness to act upon it, has enabled them to become the industry's lead automotive parts provider.
创亿2注册 Quality products, professional service, competitive prices, and company-wide dedication: the automotive industry is a passion for Spec-D Tuning, and every member of their team uses that passion to succeed where other businesses come up short.


Spec-D Headlights and Tail Lights

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Upgrade your car's appearance while making sure you can see the road when you use Spec-D Headlights and Tail Lights. Spec-D LED Headlights and Tail Lights are designed for a custom-fit and direct replacement without an enormous price tag. Revamp your vehicle's style or switch out faulty and broken bulbs with Spec-D Lights, the Euro versions of which require no rewiring, cutting, drilling, or soldering to install, while Halo LED version do necessitate some light rewiring. Depending on your vehicle, a variety of styles and colors are available, and everything you'll need for installation is included in this one package. Simply remove your old lights, connect the wires, and fit these into the headlight or tail lights cavity for a new look on your ride.

Spec-D LED Lights Features:

  • Custom-made direct factory replacement fits perfectly
  • Plug-and-play Euro headlights: no soldering or rewiring required to install
  • Modest assembly/wiring required for Halo LED lights
  • Many styles and colors available, depending on vehicle
  • Waterproof to protect sensitive electrical equipment
  • Street legal
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