Rigid Industries, located in Mesa Arizona, is the industry leader and originator of the most efficient LED lighting solutions. Their patented Hybrid and Spector Optics systems and state of the art electronics technology makes Rigid LED products second to none. While providing the best product on the market, Rogod still maintains class leading affordability with a US made product. Rigid Industries is the pioneer of the forward projecting high intensity LED light bars. Their patented technology allows Rigid lights to project up to 40% more Lux while drawing up to 50% less power than any competitor.

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Rigid Industries History

In 2006, a young company by the name of Rigid Industries LED Lighting introduced the E-Series LED Light Bar; the first of its kind in the LED lighting industry. Since then, Rigid Industries has led the forward projecting LED lighting industry in light output and efficiency. Their patented Hybrid and Specter optics systems effectively control the beam of light emitted by the LED which translates to more light where you want it with very little wasted spill light.


Rigid LED Lights

创亿2注册 While Rigid Industries started as an off-road lighting company, they currently produce lighting for off-road, powersports, agriculture, marine, mining, construction, and police and fire rescue industries. However off-road lights for trucks & SUVs still remain their best-selling product line. Combined with other off-road accessories, such as bull bars, winch bumper, tail light guards (see here: ), Rigid lights create unique performance look. Rigid Industries pride in the fact that their LED lighting products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, not only to help build our local economy, but also to remain hands-on to ensure the high level of quality that youve come to expect from Rigid Industries LED Lighting. Their design and engineering teams are constantly developing new and innovative products using the latest in LED technology.

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Rigid Off-Road Products

创亿2注册 Although Rigid Industries has expanded it's product line to cater to many different industries, they haven't forgotten their roots. Rigid Industries LED Lighting is the manufacturer of choice for many off-road racing teams as well as weekend warriors, due to the quality and industry leading light output. Whether you drive a trophy truck, a quad, a UTV, or a sandrail, Rigid Industries LED Lighting has the lighting components, mounts, and accessories to keep you safe and give you the best visibility available.

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Rigid E-Series LED Light Bars

The Rigid Industries E-Series was the first projected LED light bar. Since its introduction in 2006, the E-Series light bar has set the standard in the industry through continuing advances in technology and superior engineering. Available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, our flagship is the light bar of choice for everything from light truck / car applications and vehicle race teams to farming equipment and police / fire rescue vehicles. The E-Series light bar is designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming very little power.


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