Recon is a manufacturer of premium-quality truck accessories, including LED headlights and tail lights.

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Recon truck lights are made with a single 5-step philosophy:

  • make them right,
  • make them look good,
  • make them last,
  • offer them at a competitive price, and
  • back them with a superior warranty.

创亿2注册 This business philosophy has made Recon one of the most widely respected and universally chosen brands of innovative truck lights and other accessories in the United States. So, whether you drive on the snowy roads of Canada, the twisting roads of the high Sierras, the sweltering roads of the southern states or 4x4 without a road, Recon lights enhance the look of your rig and do it for a long, long time.

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Recon truck lights

Recon headlights and tail lights are built under the strictest quality control guidelines. Recon lights use only the brightest LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights which last up to 80 times longer than other LED lights available. Recon goes the extra mile to be the best and it shows.

创亿2注册 Recon lights are safer, brighter, more intense, longer lasting and better looking than their ordinary factory installed tail light counterparts. Make the leap up to Recon tail lights and experience the difference for yourself!

Recon Truck Lights

Recon Headlights

Recon headlights with LED Halo's or CFFL Halo's are better, sharper and safer than factory headlamps. Upgrade your pickup or SUV with a set of Recon Projector headlights for a distinct, head-turning look. If you're looking to set your truck apart from the crowd then you need to "Get Lit" with a set of Recon projector headlights!

Recon Projector Headlights

创亿2注册 Factory headlights use old reflector technology which doesn't always give you the best lighting during the darkest hours of the night. Recon headlights use the latest projector technology to put the light where you need it the most. All Recon headlights also are equipped with halos giving them a stylish appearance while adding another light source.

创亿2注册 You can install a set of these halo projector headlights in no time at all. Recon has ensured that they mount in the exact same position that your factory headlights did. Make your truck the envy of the neighborhood while making driving at night easier and safer with a set of Recon Projector headlights!


Recon Tail Lights

创亿2注册 Recon LED tail lights are made to completely replace the stock OEM tail lamps on your truck or SUV. Give your vehicle the custom look you're seeking by upgrading from dim, generic tail lights to Recon tail lights.

Recon Tail Ligts

创亿2注册 Recon tail lights use LEDs to give you the brightest tail lights available today. And they're not just bright, they are high-performance too! LEDs use less power, last longer, and illuminate faster than any incandescent bulb ever could, giving your truck the best performing lights ever! Recon tail lights meet DOT/SAE standards and look great on your vehicle.

Recon tail lights are available in a variety of Lenses and styles including smoke, clear, red, and dark red for your full size Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or GMC truck or SUV. All Recon LED tail lights are direct plug-n-play replacements, so installation is easy, needing only a screwdriver. These taillights are waterproof and nearly indestructible.

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