Exterior led lights

创亿2注册Tired of your car's old, dull look? Brighten it up with the latest automotive LED bulbs. Give your car a complete look with the latest technology of LED car lights. LED car lights improve your car's appearance and visibility. There is a wide range of car exterior accessories to choose from. Nowadays we spend a lot of our time in our vehicles, so it is quite obvious that they should be convenient as well as attractive. You can personalize your vehicle by making use of some latest additional accessories like LED headlight, bumpers, alloy wheels, window films etc. You can make your ordinary car into a stylish sports car by just adding some cool decorations. You can also choose your favorite colors and designs to upgrade your car.

The most commonly used LED is the back lighting of a car like the tail lights and turn signal lights. Some drivers also prefer to install LED on the headlights, and there some good reasons to do it. First of all, being more powerful that traditional car bulbs, LED bulbs are less energy-consuming. They also have longer lifespan. And the last, but not the least, you can find LED headlights in almost every design you can imagine. They can make every car, truck or even motorcycle turn heads. Take a look at these LED headlights from Lumen at CARiD's website. They are available in black (), chrome (, as well as with halo ring that will provide better lighting and distinctive look (here they are - and

Under car lights, also known as underbody lighting kit has always been a great "add-on" for cars, SUVs and trucks. Placing LED lights on the underside panels will transform your car to a new dimension of color. The LED Car Lights is much more than just a touch up. It will provide a complete new sensation to your car and your driving experience. You can choose from a range of designs and colors to express your personality and taste.

Exterior led lights for SUV\'s

创亿2注册The new generation of the car underbody lights are gradually replacing the old style neon under car lights which not only dimmer than LED lights but also carry some risk of exploding during driving or even when the vehicle is parked. Besides the dimmer and exploding risk, the LED light will also last longer and consume less power than conventional Neon light. Using the RGB Technology (Red-Green-Blue), the LED strip light can also emit a combination of 7 different colors which is more colorful than Neon, the 7 colors are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, White.

LED is nowadays used to customize the car and it will usually uplift any driver. The led tail lights go a long way in giving your car a radiant glow at night. The good thing about led lighting is that it is available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. In addition you can choose from different strips, rods and tubes. Most people who want a cool feeling for their car always resort to LEDs. Nothing comes close to it in durability as LED lighting.