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Headlights are an essential part of every vehicle moving on the road. You can't drive a car without all of your lights working perfectly well - not only in the dark and when turning, but also in certain weather conditions such as fog and other situations as well. Therefore keeping headlights in order is every driver's responsibility, and they must always remember about it.

A headlight is a lamp (usually a pair) with a bright light set to a vehicle from the front with a purpose of lighting the road. With time its performance has significantly improved due to the tangible difference between the mortality rate on the roads in daylight and nightlight. According to Wikipedia, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that around 50% of all the deaths caused by the road accidents take place at night, although only 25% of all the drivers travel when it's dark.

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创亿2注册 A xenon headlight is actually an automotive HID (high-intensity discharge) lamp which is, in fact a metal-halide lamp containing xenon gas. This type of gas lets the lamp produce very little of sufficient light once the car starts, and decreases the run-up time. HID lamps are often called gas-discharge burners and their performance is higher than the one of tungsten lamps. Moreover, HID headlights can be produced in a smaller size than halogen headlights due to the extended amounts of light that HID headlights can provide in relation to halogen lamps. So, in case the xenon headlight is made in a bigger size, it produces a more powerful beam of light.

创亿2注册 In comparison with other headlights, HID headlamps are very bright -they are 3-5 times brighter than halogen headlights. HID lights are also much more powerful - 35W against 55W coming from halogen lights. They endure a more extended period of time (normally around two thousand hours which is 2 to 4 times of a halogen light's 'lifetime'). In addition, the light produced by HID headlights is very close to natural day light. The color temperature of HID lights is 4200K whereas sunlight is 5800K, and halogen - only 3300K.

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创亿2注册 Technology has made a huge leap ahead at the end of the last century and already in the 1990s HID lights became more popular thanks to their availability both in price and on the market. The demand has been constantly growing, the quality - improving, and the design is getting better every year.

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Dorman ( is a leading supplier of excellent parts on the aftermarket at a reasonable price. There is a great selection of various products for any budget and car make at your disposal which Dorman can offer. Let's take a closer look at some of the items that Dorman provides.


Dorman produces a wide range of high quality xenon headlight control modules for various car makes. Their price is only a couple hundred dollars per unit, and you never have to wait for these parts for too long.

创亿2注册 Each of the Dorman xenon headlight control modules guarantees top quality and 100% safety with the nighttime visibility on the road. The installation is simple and doesn't require any additional programming, which also saves you money on the car maintenance. The quality performance has been previously tested on car-simulators by Dorman R&D department specialists.

创亿2注册 These modules allow for a quick fix which, in the long run, will help drivers pass the state inspection and prevent getting tickets and fines.

Dorman xenon headlights are made in accordance with current trends and national quality guarantees. They don't only look stylish but are also very safe in practice. Such units will fit all sorts of car makes and different years of production - you name it, Dorman's got it. Apart from all of the above, Dorman xenon headlights will serve your vehicle for as long as they must, lighting the road brightly, distantly yet securely.

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You can order Dorman HID headlights and Dorman xenon headlight control modules with - an auto accessories supplier of the best world brands with a proven track record. You can be absolutely certain that all the parts will be delivered to you as quickly as possible - you won't have to wait for ages like before.

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